Family owned. Family Values.

You may notice that the design of each home includes a touch of BC cedar shakes - a tribute to Ocorp's history with Terminal Forest Products. It carries an unspoken promise of the company's commitment to innovation, quality and customer service. Fundamentally, Ocorp is a family-run company that focuses on the importance of vibrancy and vitality in the homes built. These principles have contributed to the company's success and will always guide the way for future projects.

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What We Are

  • Friendly: Loyal, trustworthy, helpful, family oriented; like a good buddy.
  • Uncomplicated: No drama, no ego, no BS.
  • Optimistic: The glass is always half full.
  • Earnest: Sincerely passionate about serving our clients.
  • Youthful: Smart, confident and energetic.
  • Flexible: The answer is always ‘YES’.

What We Are Not

  • Slick
  • Stodgy / Stuffy / Too Serious
  • Overly Modern - while the brand is youthful, the values are traditional.
  • Pretentious
  • Loud

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